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Community building & engagement to meet the needs of our community has been the mission since we began.  Consistently hosting relevant and engaging events that serve the Glenville neighborhood increase IDRC's visibility in the community and allow us to continue to be a reliable resource. Our passion and service builds trust in our organization and that trust creates a
safe space where the community feels comfortable expressing their needs.

In August of 2020, IDRC hosted a Back-to-School Barbecue and distributed 100 book bags filled with school supplies to all of the  neighborhood families. During this event, we surveyed the attendees to identify the needs of the community, so that we could effectively serve them. The results of the needs assessment revealed that there were 146 residents there represented at this event and of those, 31 percent of the households were seeking assistance with job placement and workforce development, 31 percent needed tutoring services, and 38% sought food assistance.

Integrity Development & Rehabilitation Center is actively working to create solutions to the problems identified in the surveys. Our first formal cohort of the Asbestos Abatement Training Program begins in November and will directly apply to the workforce development and job placement results. Also, IDRC is planning a community dinner and
food distribution night and are working with local sororities to create a weekend tutoring program.

Integrity Development & Rehabilitation Center truly recognizes the  necessity of partnerships, as they are an essential part of moving our mission forward. By encouraging multiple parties to bring tools and talents to the table, collaboration allows IDRC to much more intently
address the needs of the community. Working with others has created opportunities to expand our imprint in the Glenville community. Our partners offer their resources, reputation, and visibility, in anticipation of meeting the needs of our community.

Some of our previous events and partnerships include:

Opiod Awareness Campaign

JULY | 2021

Serendipity Health and Wellness

Hot Meal Drive

APRIL | 2022

Cleveland Food

Back To School Event

AUGUST | 2022

Local Greek

Happy Family

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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can

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